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Flipkart Video presents SuperFan Quiz Answers Episode-1 (Kareena Kapoor Khan)

Question 1. What was the name my grandfather wanted to give me?
Answer:- Sidhima

Question 2. What do you think I like more?
Answer:- Sunset

Question 3. What was the summer course I took in Harvard?
Answer:- Micro Computers and Info tech

Question 4. What is my favourite corner in my house?
Answer:- The Balcony

Question 5. How many pairs of jeans do I own?
Answer:- 50-55 pairs

Question 6. What’s my Favorite pass time with Taimur?
Answer:- Reading

Question 7. My second favourite holiday destination is New York
Answer:- FALSE

Question 8. My favourite dessert is Dal Ka Halwa
Answer:- FALSE

Question 9. I would love to be a lead in my own biopic
Answer:- TRUE

Question 10. My favourite Saif Ali Khan performance is?
Answer:- Dil Chahta hai

Flipkart Video presents SuperFan Quiz Answers Episode-2 (Jacqueline Fernandez)

Question 1. What is the last thing I do before I sleep?
Answer:- Pray

Question 2. What is my Favourite Indian desert?
Answer:- Rasgulla

Question 3. What is my least favourite Vegetable?
Answer:- Karela

Question 4. What is that one social Media trend that really bugs me?
Answer:- Challenges

Question 5. I always carry a marble angel in my bag. Who gifted me this angel?
Answer:- My Mom

Question 6. What is that one thing I always offer guests when they come home?
Answer:- Dates

Question 7. I have 2 pole at Home
Answer:- True

Question 8. If i wasn’t in India I would have love to stay in New York
Answer:- False

Question 9. The First Hindi film I watched was
Answer:- Devdas

Question 10. My first Bollywood crush was
Answer:- Salman khan

Flipkart Video presents SuperFan Quiz Answers Episode-3 (Sara Ali Khan)

Question 1. What is my Favourite holiday Destination in India?
Answer:- Himachal Pradesh

Question 2. Whai sis my favourite cheat meal?
Answer:- Mithai

Question 3. Which classical form dance I am more trained for?
Answer:- Odissi

Question 4. What is the name of my pet turtle
Answer:- Mr.T

Question 5. What is my favourite type of Atta
Answer:- Makki

Question 6. I have a fake twitter account
Answer:- True

Question 7. I lost weight during the Kedarnath shoot
Answer:- False

Question 8. My favourite form of exercise is weight training
Answer:- False

Question 9. My favourite Karan Johar film____
Answer:- Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Question 10. Out of all moms films my favourite performance of her is____
Answer:- Chameli Ki Shaadi

Flipkart Video presents SuperFan Quiz Answers Episode-4 (Tapsee Pannu)

Question 1. The first poster I ever put in my room was of which actor?
Answer:- John Abrahim

Question 2. Who am I more scared of ?
Answer:- My Dad

Question 3. What is the one habit I just cant rid of?
Answer:- Nail Bitting

Question 4. If I were to get a third tattoo what would the tattoo be?
Answer:- My birth date

Question 5. Which Delhi street food do i miss the most?
Answer:- Cholae Bhature

Question 6. I am a
Answer:- Morning person

Question 7. In my college I developed an app called Fontswap
Answer:- True

Question 8. Once while playing Badminton, I hit my younger so hard in the head she had to go to hospital
Answer:- False

Question 9. The first film I saw in movie theatre was
Answer:- Chotta chetan

Question 10. I can speak __ languages
Answer:- 5

Flipkart Video presents SuperFan Quiz Answers Episode-5 (Ananya Panday)

Question 1. What is my secret talent?
Answer:- Touching my tongue to my nose

Question 2. What is my favourite team sport?
Answer:- Cricket

Question 3. What is my favourite ice cream flavour?
Answer:- Cookies and cream

Question 4. My favourite family trip was to which place?
Answer:- Africa

Question 5. I am allergic to cheese
Answer:- False

Question 6. One emoji that I use the most is eye roll
Answer:- False

Question 7. The first thing I do in the morning is check my phone
Answer:- True

Question 8. If this was remade today I would love to be a part of it. the film is ————
Answer:- Kuch Kuch Hota hai

Question 9. I regularly use this movie dialogue . The dialogue is -——
Answer:- Main apni favourite hoon

Question 10. If my life had a hindi theme song then it would be ———
Answer:- Ankhiyon se goli maare

Flipkart Video presents SuperFan Quiz Answers Episode-6 (Mallika Arora)

Question 1. What is the most daring thing I have ever done?
Answer:- Swimming with Sharks

Question 2. What dish do I cook the best?
Answer:- Green Thai Curry

Question 3. What is that one habit I just can’t get rid of?
Answer:- Over-packing

Question 4. What was my favourite subject in school?
Answer:- History

Question 5. What is that one word I use a lot?
Answer:- Seriously

Question 6. Badminton is my favourite sport
Answer:- FALSE

Question 7. My perfect date night is a long walk on the beach
Answer:- FALSE

Question 8. The hindi film song which best describes me is__
Answer:- Oh Haseena Zulfon Waali

Question 9. The first ad I did was for__
Answer:- Amusement Park

Question 10. My favourite hindi movie is__
Answer:- Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak