Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 8 August 2021

Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz for 8 August 2021

Episode 239 [S4E239]: India’s UNESCO City

Question 1: Ahmedabad is the first Indian city to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Answer: Not Fake

Question 2: During pregnancy ‘morning sickness’ happens only in the morning.

Answer: Fake

Question 3: Cats see the world in black and white.

Answer: Fake

Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Quiz Answers for 8 August 2021

Episode 94 [S2E94]: Home Barista

Question 1: Is the MRP of 1Zpresso K-PRO Manual Coffee Grinder greater than or less than ₹ 40,000

Answer: Greater than ₹ 40,000

Question 2: Fill in the missing digits. The MRP of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Active Noise Cancellation Enabled Bluetooth Headset is ₹ 1 _ _ 9 _.

Answer: ₹ 17,990 [Add 7, 9, 0]

Question 3: What is the MRP of L-Oreal Paris Dream Lengths Shampoo?

Answer: ₹ 450

Flipkart Khel Paheliyon Ka Quiz Answers for 8 August 2021

Episode 68: Pammi Di Doctor?

Question 1: Who am I?

Answer: Varun

Question 2: Who am I?

Answer: Ompuri

Question 3: Name the film

Answer: Kalhonaaho

Flipkart Crime Stories Quiz Answers for 8 August 2021

Episode 13: Goli Kaand

Question 1: What was certainly not in the bag?

Answer: Poison

Question 2: Which lead will help solve the case?

Answer: Check Bag details

Question 3: Who conspired to Kill Saket?

Answer: Saket

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz Answers for 8 August 2021

Episode 24: Wizard of Hockey

Question 1: The Sanchi Stupa can be found in which Indian state?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Question 2: Which war is the film The Ghazi Attack set during?

Answer: Bangladesh War

Question 3: Where does Bermuda short get its name from?

Answer: Place

Question 4: Which of these is a part of UAE?

Answer: Abu Dabhi

Question 5: Who among the following is known as the ‘Wizard of Hockey’?

Answer: Dhyan Chand

Question 6: Which of these brands is not named after a person?

Answer: Bourville

Flipkart Kya bolti Public Quiz Answers for 8 August 2021

Episode 27: Mahindra ya Toyota?

Question 1: Which is the India’s favourite Ranveer Singh’s performance?

Answer: Bajirao from Bajirao Mastani

Question 2: Should mental health get the same important as physical health?

Answer: Yes

Question 3: Which car does India prefer for a family road trip?

Answer: Toyota Innova