Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 31 July 2021

Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz for 31 July 2021

Episode 231 [S4E231]: Internet se pehle Email

Question 1: The stickers on fruits are edible?

Answer: Not Fake

Question 2: Taapse panu made her hindi film debut in the film chashme badoor?

Answer: Not Fake

Question 3: Email existed before the world wide web?

Answer: Not Fake

Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Quiz Answers for 31 July 2021

Episode 86 [S2E86]: Hotwheels Special

Question 1: Fill in the missing digits the mrp of rode videomic pro rycote microphone is 2__?

Answer: ₹2,4700 [Add – 4, 7, 0]

Question 2: In which year was the brand hotwheels founded?

Answer: (A) 1968

Question 3: The mrp of quechua by decathlon full sleev solid men sports jacket is less than 2499?

Answer: (B) False

Flipkart Khel Paheliyon Ka Quiz Answers for 31 July 2021

Episode 60: Pammi Ki Rumour

Question 1: Who am i?

Answer: Dharmendra

Question 2: Name the film?

Answer: Sultan

Question 3: Who am i?

Answer: Sridevi

Flipkart Crime Stories Quiz Answers for 31 July 2021

Episode 5: Psychological Battle

Question 1: What psychological disorder does aveek Bhatt have? (Question Time – 8:10)

Answer: (B) Dissociative Identity Disorder

Question 2: What lead should Vikrant follow to solve the case?

Answer: (B) Toxicology Report

Question 3: Who is the Killer?

Answer: (B) Samik

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz Answers for 31 July 2021

Episode 16: Govinda No. 1

Question 1: Which of these movies does not star Govinda in the lead?

Answer: (D) BIWI NO.1

Question 2: Which Indian union territory is the largest by area?

Answer: (A) LADAKH

Question 3: Which of these is the logo of the political party led by the Chief Minister of Delhi?

Answer: (D) BROOM

Question 4: In July 2021 which Indian became No 1 on the ICC Women’s ODI batting ranking?

Answer: (A) OPTION 1

Question 5: Who was the first Indian woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest?


Question 6: Where is India’s only submarine museum found?


Flipkart Kya bolti Public Quiz Answers for 31 July 2021

Episode 19: Makeup: Yes or No?

Question 1: Which of these star kid’s debut india is waiting for?

Answer: (A) Aryan Khan

Question 2: Which of these is more important for the development of our country?

Answer: (A) Education

Question 3: How do Indians like to see their partner?

Answer: (B) Without Makeup