Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 10 August 2021

Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz for 10 August 2021

Episode 241 [S4E241]: Olympics Special

Question 1: You can’t burp in space.

Answer: Not Fake

Question 2: Bhavani Devi is the first Indian fencer to qualify for Olympics.

Answer: Not Fake

Question 3: Tea has more caffeine than coffee.

Answer: Not Fake

Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Quiz Answers for 10 August 2021

Episode 96 [S2E96]: Saregama Carvaan

Question 1: What is the MRP of Saregama Carvaan Go 2.0 MP3 Player?

Answer: ₹ 4,575

Question 2: Is the MRP of Microware 3 in 1 Laser Virtual Laser Laptop Keyboard greater than or less than 3999?

Answer: Greater than ₹ 3999

Question 3: What is the combined MRR of Miss and Chief Squeezy Silicone Food Feeder with Spoon and TIB Fabric Sofa?

Answer: ₹ 3,498

Flipkart Khel Paheliyon Ka Quiz Answers for 10 August 2021

Episode 70: Khabri Kabootar

Question 1: What is this?

Answer: Pigeon

Question 2: What is this?

Answer: Dolphin

Question 3: What is this?

Answer: Kangaroo

Flipkart Crime Stories Quiz Answers for 10 August 2021

Episode 15: Hangover Murder

Question 1: Which chemical was found in the urine samples? (Question Time: 5:30)

Answer: Benzodiazepine

Question 2: Which information should vikrant share with the suspects? (Question Time: 8:30)

Answer: Arnav was also Drugged

Question 3: Who is the murderer? (Question Time: 10:30)

Answer: Archana

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz Answers for 10 August 2021

Episode 26: Lord’s mein Dadagiri

Question 1: Which crickert took off his shirt and waved it from the balcony at Lord’s?

Answer: Sourav G

Question 2: Which of these is not taken from a plant?

Answer: Black Salt

Question 3: Which singer-songwritter-dancer’s autobiography is titled ‘Moonwalk’?

Answer: Michael J

Question 4: Which of these is a prime number?

Answer: 79

Question 5: The Statue of Unity depicts which Indian statesman?

Answer: Sardar Vallabhai Patel

Question 6: How many times has the Indian Women’s cricket Team won the T20 World Cup?

Answer: 0

Flipkart Kya bolti Public Quiz Answers for 10 August 2021

Episode 29: Style Diva Kiara

Question 1: Does India believe that COVID-19 pandemic can completely end?

Answer: Yes

Question 2: Which Bollywood diva has the best style quotient?

Answer: Kiara Advani

Question 3: Which is the most common excuse given during work from home?

Answer: Internet Not Working