Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers

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How to play Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz?

1. Download the Flipkart App from Google Play Store.

2. Log into your Flipkart account if you have one, or register if you don’t.

3. On the bottom, you will see the “Video” section. Click on it.

4. Please scroll down to see the “Kya Bolti Public” banner.

5. To play the Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz, click on the play and win button.

6. Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers can be found on this page.

Season 4

Episode 65 [S4E65]: Football vs Cricket – 13th November 2021

Question 1: What type of partner do you prefer?

Answer: (A) Intelligent

Question 2: Which sport do people prefer to watch?

Answer: (B) Cricket

Question 3: Which drink tastes better?

Answer: (B) Coco-cola

Episode 64 [S4E64]: iPhone: Essential ya Luxury? – 12th November 2021

Question 1: How many people read newspaper everyday

Answer: (B) 70-80%

Question 2: Which masks do people prefer

Answer: (B) Stylish

Question 3: Do people think that owning an i phone is luxuary

Answer: (A) Yes

Episode 63 [S4E63]: Hottie: Noora ya Malaika? – 11th November 2021

Question 1: Who do people think is a better dancer

Answer: (A) Nora Fatehi

Question 2: Which side of the family do people like more

Answer: (B) Maternal

Question 3: Should children below 8 have access to mobile phones?

Answer: (B) No

Episode 62 [S4E62]: Joint ya Nuclear Family – 10th November 2021

Question 1: What do people think are 2000 rupee notes are of any use

Answer: (A) Yes

Question 2: What percentage of people prefer living with their parents

Answer: (A) 80-90%

Question 3: Who do people follow more on social media

Answer: (B) Influencers

Episode 61 [S4E61]: Ladakh ya Goa trip? – 9th November 2021

Question 1: Where would people prefer to go on a vacation

Answer: (B) Goa

Question 2: What kind of coffee do peeople prefer to drink

Answer: (A) Hot Coffee

Question 3: Can people who have taken both the vaccines avoid wearing masks

Answer: (B) No