Flipkart FYI Quiz Answers For Your Information All Episodes Answers

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How to play Flipkart FYI Quiz?

1. Download the Flipkart App from Google Play Store.

2. Log into your Flipkart account if you have one, or register if you don’t.

3. On the bottom, you will see the “Video” section. Click on it.

4. Please scroll down to see the “FYI” banner.

5. To play the Flipkart FYI Quiz, click on the play and win button.

6. FYI Quiz Answers can be found on this page.

Table Of Contents
  1. How to play Flipkart FYI Quiz?
  2. Season 1 [S1]

Details Of FYI Quiz
Name: F.Y.I. (For Your Information)
Season: 1
Episode No: 1 To 100
Quiz Type: Video
Prizes: SuperCoins
Question-Based On:- General Knowledge
Date:- 16 January 2021 To 25 April 2021

Season 1 [S1]

Episode 100: 25 April 2021-Cricketer Tapsee?

Question 1. who did indian cricketer jasprit bumrah just got married to?

Answer: Sanjana G

Question 2. Which indian cricketer is tapsee pannu playing on screen in a upcoming movie?

Answer: Mithali Raj

Question 3. When was netix founded?

Answer: 1997

Episode 99: 24th April 2021-Pepsi se Pizza?

Question 1. Which Indian bank uses the tagline- the bank that begins with U?

Answer: UBI

Question 2. PIZZA hut taco bell and KFC restaurant chains are associated with which of the following companies?

Answer: Pepsico

Question 3. What is the state bird of andra pardesh, telangana and karnatka?

Answer: Indian Roller

Episode 98: 23 April 2021-Gun Master Mithun Da

Question 1. Which lm hero is famously known as Gun Master G9?

Answer: Mithun Chakraborty

Question 2. How many hearts does an octopus have?

Answer: 3

Question 3. Which 2021 movie starring Priyanka Chopra-Jonas has been nominated for the Oscar Award?

Answer: The White Tiger

Episode 97: 22nd April 2021- Cricketer se Movie Star?

Question 1. Which Indian cricketer is set to make his lm debut with the Tamil lm Cobra?

Answer: Irfan Pathan

Question 2. Aimed at providing basic health facilities to everyone Which state government has created the network of Mohalla Clinic?

Answer: Delhi

Question 3. Which of the following company owns the online video sharing platform YouTube?

Answer: Google

Episode 96: 21st April 2021-The Milkman of India

Question 1. Which player broke Pele’s record of the most goals scored in ofcial matches?

Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo

Question 2. Which cricketer’s father acted in the lm Bhaag Milkha Bhaag?

Answer: Yuvraj Singh

Question 3. What nickname has been given to Padma Vibhushan Verghese Kurien in recognition of his efforts in the eld?

Answer: Milkman of India

Episode 95: 20th April 2021-The Human Computer

Question 1. Who in the Kapoor family has been given the nickname “Chintu”?

Answer: Rishi Kapoor

Question 2. Which famous mathematics genius did Vidya balance portray on screen?

Answer: Shakuntala Devi

Question 3. Which celebrity is associated with 100 mb mobile app?

Answer: Sachin Tendulkar

Episode 94: 19th April 2021-Biryani Theory

Question 1. Animated series “Super v” is based on which real celebrity?

Answer: Virat Kohli

Question 2. For which brand did the advertising Agency ogilvy & mather create the characters named Zoozoos?

Answer: Vodafone

Question 3. Which of these dishes got its name because it was traditionally eaten in the morning?

Answer: Nihari

Episode 93: 18th April 2021-India-Aus ‘Ash’es!

Question 1. Jai Hemant is the ofcial name of which of these celebrity actors?

Answer: Tiger Shroff

Question 2. According to government record released in Feb 2021 which of the following social media app must used in India?

Answer: Whatsapp

Question 3. Who was declared the man of the match in the India England series in 2021?

Answer: Ravichandran Ashwin

Episode 92: 17th April 2021-Bahu se Neta

Question 1. Which company has announced the creation of the world largest electric scooter factory in Tamil Nadu?

Answer: Ola

Question 2. Which actor played the lead role of tulsi virani in the TV serial kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi?

Answer: Smriti Irani

Question 3. Which of these players made his debut in all 3 formats of test ODI and T20 on the Australia toor in 2020?

Answer: T Natarajan

Episode 91: 16th April 2021-Sprite: born to Refresh

Question 1. Which cold drink brand has the tagline ‘bujhaye pyass baki sab bakwas’?

Answer: Sprite

Question 2. Which couple did union bank feature on the rs 100 note in an advertisement for joint accounts?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba

Question 3. Which animal is shown on the packet of boroline antiseptic cream?

Answer: Elephant