Flipkart Bigg Buzz Challenge Answers

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Bigg Buzz Challenge is a weekly Flipkart Video Quiz Show hosted by Karan Wahi based on the episodes of the reality show Bigg Boss hosted by Salman Khan.

Those who are carefully following and watching the reality show Bigg Boss 14 episodes, it would be very easy to crack down the answers of every episode of Bigg Buzz.

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How to play Flipkart Bigg Buzz Challenge Quiz?

1. Download the Flipkart App from Google Play Store.

2. Log into your Flipkart account if you have one, or register if you don’t.

3. On the bottom, you will see the “Video” section. Click on it.

4. Please scroll down to see the “Bigg Buzz Challenge” banner.

5. To play the Flipkart Bigg Buzz Challenge Quiz, click on the play and win button.

6. Bigg Buzz Challenge Quiz Answers can be found on this page.

Episode 1 Answers – Challenge Excepted

Question 1: Which Contestant Was The First To Cry This Season?

Answer 1:  Nikita Tamboli

Question 2: ‘Agar Mein Kahu Ki Mein Paidaishi ____’

Answer 2: Janwar Hu

Question 3: Which Contestant Rubbed ‘ Haldi ‘ On Sidharth’s Finger?

Answer 3: Pavitra Punia

Question 4: Which Contestant Claims To Be A ‘ Heart – Breaker?

Answer 4: Nikitha Tamboli

Quesiton 5: Which Contestant Will Be Evicted This Week?

Answer 5: None of the above

Episode 2 Answers – What’s in a name?

Question 1: Who Amongst The Following Is Hot According To Eijaz?

Answer 1: Gauhar

Question 2: Why Did Nikki Break-Up With Her Ex?

Answer 2: Bore Ho Gayi

Question 3: Which Contestant’s Real Name Is ‘Jayesh Bhattacharya’?

Answer 3: Jaan Sanu

Question 4: In The Task ‘Mere Angane Me Tumhara Kya Kaam Ha’ What Did Gauhar Ask Rahul To Do?

Answer 4: 10 Swimming Laps

Question 5: Which Contestant Will Be Evicted This Week?

Answer 5: None Of The Above

Episode 3 Answers – Massage Sessions

Question 1: Who Gave Rahul A Back Massage?

Answer 1: Nikki Tamboli

Question 2: In One Of The Episodes Rahul Said – ‘Aise Hi Woh Tera_?

Answer 2: ATM Hai

Question 3: What Is Nikki Tamboli’s Birth Date?

Answer 3: 21st August 1996

Question 4: 4. What Is The Number Of Songs That Kumar Sanu Has Dedicated To His Wife?

Answer 4: 5

Question 5: Which Contestant Will Be Evicted This Week?

Answer 5: None Of The Above

Episode 4 Answers – Dil Garden Garden Hogaya

Question 1: Who Did Kavita Save From The Nominations ?

Answer 1: Eijaz Khan

Question 2: Rahul Said ‘ Tu Red Zone Se Chali Gayi Toh Mein_ ?‘

Answer 2: Pagal Ho Jaunga

Question 3: How Many Instruments Does Jaan Sanu Play?

Answer 3: 35

Quesiton 4: What Did Jaan Wanted From Nikki In The Garden Area ?

Answer 4: Kiss

Question 5: Who Will Get Evicted This Week ?

Answer 5: Naina Singh

Episode 5 Answers – Naina Da Kya Kasoor

Question 1. Which Contestant Was Told By Nikki To Not Kiss Her?

Answer 1: Jaan Kumar Sanu

Question 2. What Did Ejaz Says? Toh Ab Me Jaunga Andar Aur….?

Answer 2: Fatunga

Question 3. Who Was The Only Contestant Who Did Not Vote For Nishant?

Answer 3: Naina Singh

Question 4. Which Contestant Real Name Is Neha Singh?

Answer 4: Pavitra Punia

Question 5. Who Will Get Evicted This Week ?

Answer 5: Shardul Pandit