Amazon Kapiva Wellness Quiz

Play Amazon Kapiva Wellness Quiz and stand a change to Win ₹10,000 as Amazon Pay
Balance by answering all five questions correctly.

Questions with Answers:

1. Is Amla present in Kapiva Supergrain Oats – Homestyle Masala?

Answer: Yes

2. Kapiva Supergrain Oats is enriched with the 4 whole grains namely – Oats, Ragi, Moong, Amaranth

Answer: TRUE

3. Kapiva Anandam Tea is enriched with the following ingredients – Lavender, Ashwagandha, Rose, Basil

Answer: TRUE

4. Kapiva Aanandam Tea helps you Destress and Relax ?

Answer: TRUE

5. What kind of Tea Bag does Kapiva Anandam Tea contain ?

Answer: Pyramid Tea Bag