Amazon Daily Quiz Answers for 7 August 2021

Play Amazon Daily Quiz Answers for 7 August 2021 and stand a change to Win ₹20,000 as Amazon Pay Balance by answering all five questions correctly.

Questions with Answers:

1. Sotheby’s has recently sold an NFT of the original source code for what, for over $5 million on behalf of Tim Berners-Lee?

Answer: World Wide Web

2. In 2021, Ebraheem Raeesi was elected as the president of which country?

Answer: Iran

3. National Maritime Heritage Complex is being set up in India in which of these places?

Answer: Lothal

4. Which ancient monument is shaped as a combination of a man and this animal?

Answer: Sphinx

5. What type of product did this company sell and rent out when it first started operations?

Answer: DVDs