Amazon Daily Quiz Answers for 6 August 2021

Play Amazon Daily Quiz Answers for 6 August 2021 and stand a change to Win ₹25,000 as Amazon Pay Balance by answering all five questions correctly.

Questions with Answers:

1. During a felicitation ceremony, the president of which country bestowed the title of the ‘Flying Sikh’ upon Milkha Singh?

Answer: Pakistan

2. Oscar-winning actor Emma Stone portrays which iconic Disney villain in a 2021 film?

Answer: Cruella de Vil

3. Pine Island Glacier, one of the fastest melting glaciers, is located in which place?

Answer: Antarctica

4. Which empire does this type of furniture share its name with?

Answer: Ottoman Empire

5. What type of animal is this, that surveys its environment by standing on its hind legs?

Answer: Mongoose